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Bhai Bole Toh Sahi

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After the fall of Mumbai underworld due to the police crackdown and also the dons have change their style of functioning…our main character once a famous don salim bhai is out of job with no work left for him.

He is desperately looking to start a new business for his survival. One day his right hand men Sallu chikna gives him a idea to enter entertainment industry and start a youtube channel as it is a trending way to earn money and fame.

Salim bhai is confused with the idea when sallu’s friend sanjana a beauty with brains and also a creative director convinces salim bhai to start his channel as it will be a fun for the internet audience to watch a underworld don start his own entertainment channel.

Salim bhai buys the idea and gives a green signal to his aides to open the channel.

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Salim Pheku | Bhai Bole Toh Sahi | Comedy 2018

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